Monday, January 7, 2008

You and Me and this EAR makes THREE!

And we have a winner! Red Raider Rick wins the 1560 THE GAME t-shirt by emailing me this beauty of Roger Clemens and his third ear!

On a related note, I mentioned in the previous post that I would be inclined to believe the first guy to flinch and take the other guy to court. Well, Roger won that race this morning, filing a defamation suit against Brian McNamee. Congrats to Roger on his first bold move of this battle. We'll see if McNamee still pushes forward with a countersuit. Oh the DRAMA!!!

T-minus 4 hours until today's high tea and krumpets with the media, and then it's off to Congress for Steroidpalooza on January 16th!!!


Anonymous said...


I watched the drama club meeting at GRB today and I have to say rather than a third ear, I think Rog has grown a second ass. A JACKASS. I'm sorry but I don't feel bad about the millions of dollars he is spending to defend himself, it sucks yes but give me a break. Oh poor Roger, he has to work 6 hrs on game day for $900,000. He earned it yeah but leave the freaking pity party at home. Keep up the blogs man.

Del from Katy

JRJ said...

Del - You're right on!
How many times can these million dollar athletes try to play the victim role?!

I liked his answer to why he didn't speak to the Mitchell commission when asked. He said, "I didn't know what it was about."

Hey Roger... it's a friggin' steroid probe - what the heck do you think they are going to ask you about!?!