Saturday, January 5, 2008

C'mon .. it IS Todd Collins, ya know

That SMACK you hear is the collective slapping of the forehead of people who took the Redskins +3 today against the Seahawks, and the thought going through their collective heads is "Sweet Jesus, what the hell was I thinking betting on TODD FREAKING COLLINS?!?! On the ROAD?!? IN SEATTLE?!?!" For a while it looked like the 36-year old career backup might engineer yet another improbable Redskins victory. But in the end, after going up 14-13, Collins apparently decided to have some of whatever Matt Hasselbeck was drinking for the first 52 minutes of the game and he turned back into Todd Collins, Career Scrub. Kudos to the 'Skins for even making the playoffs after the death of Sean Taylor and the season-ending injury to Jason Campbell (although I can't imagine Campbell playing better than Collins did during the month of December).

I would like to thank Collins for spoon feeding the Seahawks two meaningless touchdowns on INT returns. The 35-14 Seahawk win now looks a lot easier on paper than it actually was and just might keep the spread in Green Bay under 7 next weekend. And if that is the case, I will be donating blood, plasma, and any other donate-able bodily fluids this week in order to be in the strongest possible cash position to pound said Packers -7 (or whatever the spread is). Fact is Hasselbeck looked like a basket case for 52 minutes of that game; I don't think the doctor prescribes trips to Green Bay to cure whatever afflicts Hasselbeck.

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