Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Stone Cold Bloggin', 11/07/07

Seven links and seven vids for all you kids out there on a lazy Wednesday night.... like Coach Mangino, pick one!


  • What do you get when you allow plumbers, salespeople, washed up athletes, and the homeless to decide the fate of the BCS? Why, the Harris Poll of course! Who is your favorite pollster? [Epic Carnival]
  • Trev Alberts picked Alabama this past weekend. He was wrong. He admits to being "dumb". He is right. [CSTV]
  • A reminder that baseball writers sometimes are not very smart. Undeserving MVP's. [Vegas Watch]
  • Pick the Worst Sports Announcer, March Madness bracket style. And please, please, PLEASE vote for Chris Berman!!! [Awful Announcing]
  • John Harris and I were wondering why anyone would pay A-Rod $30M when they could probably lock up Miggy Cabrera for half that. We're not alone [The Big Lead]
  • Kige Ramsey has a plan to make America powerful again. It's time we all sat up and listened. [Bottomless Chips]
  • QUALITY CRAPPER READING ALERT! A preview of every free agent in baseball this offseason. [Cake Rocks The Party]


  • Auburn DC Will Muschamp is going to be a hot name when coaching jobs open up in the next month. Note to AD's - he likes to work blue....

  • ... 0f course, Will Muschamp is no Iron Sheik. Even Andrew "Dice" Clay thinks that the Iron Sheik is a little over the top with the twelve, ten, and four letter bombs.

  • It should be noted that when the Iron Sheik takes a break from calling people mean names, that he does have thoughts on Tom Cruise and Hillary Clinton.

  • In memory of the recently departed Fabulous Moolah, here's a women's battle royal from WWF TV circa 1985. Wrestling has made many advancements over the last 20 years, but without a doubt I feel the most signifcant one is the shift in aesthetics of the female participants. In 1985, the average female wrestler was a 55 year old, 200 LB, chain smoking tranny. In 2007, the average female wrestler is a 22 year old bikini model who is considered a failure if they haven't been in Playboy by their second year in the business. Enjoy.

  • Speaking of Playboy, this might be the hottest weather reporter I've ever seen. Ken Hoffman, if you're reading this, please get her on your show.....

  • Speaking of weather women, how's this for grace under pressure? And who is the marketing genius that comes up with the "WHIZ Storm Team"?

  • This week's sign that we as a country have too much time on our hands -- this video has over 15 MILLION views. The last 20 seconds are scarier than any horror film you've ever seen.


Andrew Eller said...

yo quiero weather girls!!!!! nice blog sean, nice video, and nice photo! Tomorrow America will demand Noel Devine vids on here... just watch.

Anonymous said...

i saw that telemundo weather girl and thaught the same thing.
damn thats creepy,


Gordo said...

How come Mangino has not been considered for the A&M coaching job? I thought A&M is an agricultural school where they come up with ways to improve food product's for human consumption? Don't they experiment with ways to breed the perfect cow and make a chicken that will instinctivley jump into a vat of grease? Seem's like a perfect fit to me. Imagine the buyout that would be written into that contract! I'm sure Mangino would be willing to stay on as a "consultant" the same way Slocum did.
I'm sure he would settle for a job in the poultry department.
I know, I'm probably going to hell for thinking of stuff like this, I can't help it.
Angel E forever!

airelav said...

The Whiz? seriously? I guess they didn't "ease on down" very well.

Chance said...

OM Gordo. Jabba thhe Mangino in Aggie-Town??? that would so rule.