Tuesday, November 20, 2007

FOR SALE - Charming 5 BR, 4.5 Bath on 15 acres!

Well, it's official. Michael Vick's 15 acre Virginia estate will be going up for auction on December 15th. In case you haven't seen it. Here it is...

That little area inside the white circle is the dogfighting compound. I point this out because if you've ever been looking to own a home with a dogfighting compound, this just may be the home for you! Anyone who knows jack shit about real estate knows that it makes a lot more fiscal sense to buy a home with an existing dogfighting compound than to go ahead and put in a brand new dogfighting compound. I mean, even the nicest new dogfighting compounds lose half their value within the first year after they're built.

Also, if you end up buying this home, make sure you get the home warranty thrown in as part of the deal. There's nothing more frustrating than buying a new home and having the canine electrocution machines start to malfunction in the first month.

You too can operate your own dogfighting ring [100% Injury Rate]


JRJ said...

In the first picture: Is that a dog leash tied to the gate?


teemoney said...

Can I qualify for this? With subprime mortgages the way they are, I don't know if I could get in, but I would love to have this home if it will pass the following inspections:

1. Termites
2. Fleas
3. Pesticides
4. Marijuana
5. Parvo Virus

Of course, if Mike were smart, he would have hooked up with T-Boz or Chili and had them sacrafice the home in honor of Left Eye. Allstate does not, but I hear that Prudential does payout in cases of sacraficial arson.

Terrence from New York shoot me an email fool.