Monday, November 26, 2007

Coaching Carousel Begins

I hope everyone had a very happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Now we approach that time of year where colleges and universities go through the time honored tradition of purging their athletic departments of defective football coaching staffs. It's as much a part of December as white lights, dradles, and final exams. We here at the Sports Kolache (and by "we", I mean basically me, Sean Thomas Pendergast) will be watching the coaching carousel closely throughout the coming weeks and bringing you copious updates on all of the tomfoolery.

A few observations on the heels of the first few coaching transactions:


With Lloyd Carr retiring at Michigan last Monday, all focus has been on LSU's Les Miles as his possible successor. The possibility of Les leaving bayou country so moved the Tiger faithful that they organized a "March for Miles" last Wednesday, with a few thousand of Louisiana's finest delusional, purple clad freaks walking Les to his weekly talk show at Walk-On's in a show of support.

Forty-eight hours later, after Darren McFadden was finished marching through the LSU defense like the Germans through the Champs Elysee, LSU fans felt a little differently.


A good weekend in Aggieland as the Agro's get a win over the Longhorns and Coach Fran's resignation. Nice exacta!! (Degenerate side bar - how much would the "deposed coach getting an improbable win" money line parlay have paid out with Fran and Houston Nutt on Saturday? $100 would've paid around $1500. Of course, the temptation to mix in Callahan and go for the big payout would've killed the whole thing. What's my point? I'm a degenerate, that's my point.)

Say hello to your new coach, Aggie Fan! Sherman ..... SHERMAN!!! WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!


Unfortunately for Ole Miss head ball coach Ed Orgeron, the hot Rebel co-eds were not deciding his fate, because we all know that if they were, Coach O would be getting a five year extension. I'm truly hopeful that Ole Miss' firing of Coach FOOTBAW doesn't mean that we have seen the last of him. I'm sure he'll land somewhere, but I think I speak for Youtube viewers everywhere when I say it better happen sooner rather than later. YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW YAAAW..... YAW YAW ..... FIRED!!


teemoney said...

The east coast bias continues....
What about UCLA?

Warshington? (as Corso says)

Warshington State?

Mike Stoops better watch his back because he is also on the hot seat.

Gordo said...

YAW YAW YAW YAW laughing arse off, YAW YAW YAW YAW Steve website Cougars, YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW great idea, YAW YAW YAW YAW no shirt YAW YAW 12 pack, YAW YAW YAW YAW make Cougars game fun, YAW YAW YAW YAW buy tickets, YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW red beans and rice, YAW YAW YAW football, YAW YAW good.

Rene said...

My aggie friends are decidedly underwhelmed with the Sherman hire, I think they really did think they had a shot at Spurrier (or the hoodie, or jimmah johnson, or ditka, or...).

The Orgeron sure would look good in Burnt Orange. I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin...

Taylor McClain said...

Actually, Seanny, the Germans marched "DOWN" the Champs Elysses...they marched "TRHOUGH" the Arc D'Triomphe.

Karate Kid Mike said...

That has to be the funniest S**t I have heard to date. In fact, I almost lost my job because I started talking like Coach O to my boss. YAW YAW YAW no work today. YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW 1560 the Game better. YAW YAW YAW YAW YAW Rich Lord sucks.