Thursday, November 1, 2007

On My Signal, Unleash Hell

Welcome to my new online home! You can leave your shoes on, just be sure to wipe your feet. All righty then, for those of you who don't know me, my name is Sean Pendergast. You may remember me from such films as "Venison: The Other Red Meat" and "Who The Hell Ate The Last Donut?" My current occupation is "Talk Show Host, 1560 The Game KGOW", which if you clicked over from the "Blogs" menu of the station's website ( and/or listen to my show from 2-6PM on weekdays, you already know.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with 1560 The Game, we are Houston's newest sports talk station. 50,000 watts of unbridled enthusiasm! Monday through Friday, I host the afternoon drive time show alongside a fellow named John Harris who is best known for the following:

(a) being very smart (graduated from Brown University in1994)
(b) being very knowledgeable about sports (John can recite the name, birth date, and favorite anabolic steroid of every baseball MVP in order since 1975)
(c) moonlighting as a Jonathan Lipnicky lookalike on weekends

Here is a picture of me and Mr. Harris in the press box at the LSU-Virginia Tech game earlier this season (drum roll please, as I get to use these new fangled blog commands to insert a picture for the very first time ..... you can cut the electricity in the air with a KNIFE, MEAN GENE!) :

Wow, I am no longer a picture uploading virgin! Someone get me a cigarette. I hope it was as good for all of you as it was for me! In fact, it was so much fun for me, I'm gonna do it some more! LOTS MORE! As much as I can! By God, I'm a picture posting whore!!

Staying with the LSU trip, check this out. These are the name tags for me, John Harris, and our production guru Frank Bullington (a/k/a Frankie the Bull). Yes, it says "Season Pendergast". Season?!? Sounds like a name that a lazy mom would give to her stripper daughter. "Should I name her 'Autumn'? How about 'Summer'? Ah, screw it, I can't decide. I'll just call her 'Season'. Now go make it rain, my little angel!!"

This picture posting thing is AWESOME!!! Hey, here is the Schlotsky's Deli sign I drove into with a UHAUL the first day I moved back to Houston!

How about that, kids? Just remember the old adage, when you're driving a twenty foot high vehicle, it means you're driving a twenty foot high vehicle. Don't you forget it.

Hey, how about another one? Here is the driver side window of my car on the SECOND day after I moved back to Houston! (Some frisky young ragamuffins decided to break into my car in broad daylight and steal my laptop, watch and iPod! Those little rascals!!!) Yes, for a period of time, I was averaging one insurance claim per day after moving back to Houston. I think I'm the one guy Geico couldn't help save 15% or more on my car insurance.

(Hey now watch me wrap text around a picture! DIG ME!) Now for those of you who wonder what it's like to have a career in radio, well, as soon as my career runs longer than a few months, I'll let you know. Because you see, here's the thing - neither John Harris nor myself ever hosted our own radio show before we landed this gig in the summer of 2007. That's right, thousands of broadcasting school grads working graveyard shifts in "metro areas" like Utica, NY and Billings, MT, and Johnny and I bully our way right to the front of the line in Houston. Is there no justice in this world?

How did this happen? Well, as soon as I figure it out I'll tell you. You see, Johnny had been a mild mannered accountant by day, and a nationwide college football expert by night (and during breaks between debits, credits, and pondered suicide attempts at Ernst and Young), writing for and appearing on radio shows nationwide as a college football expert.

And me? Well, by day I'd been a mild mannered sales guy for various telecom companies, which is not quite as boring as it sounds, but certainly doesn't make you the center of attention at any Super Bowl parties. However, along the way I managed to become friendly with the right people (good people, by the way) in Houston, made a bunch of wisecracks, dabbled a bit in radio, and won five Smack-offs on the Jim Rome Show. Kids, if you want a career in radio, I'm not sure if I would follow this blueprint, but it worked for me.

So now, here I am, and I'm not going back. I'm at a radio station doing what I've always wanted to do with some of my best friends. In fact, in conjunction with the advent of my new blog, one of them (Lance Zierlein) returns to the airwaves today with longtime partner John Granato! The best Houston sports talk duo is back on the air from 7-11 weekday mornings, and not a moment too soon (echoing the sentiments of many Houston sports fans who have endured John-and-Lanceless mornings for far too long now).

In the few months I've been on the air, I have many stories to tell (which I will tell in time). I am now the 10th ranked kolache eater in the world. I'm one half of the TASW tag team champions. I've interviewed Corey Haim, and I've met Nick Van Exel. Can I now die in peace? Probably. With my love of fried foods, frankly we'll likely find out soon enough. But along the way, you can check back here at the Sports Kolache for some opinions, views, and a very light hearted, self-deprecating look at the life of a middle aged guy who is finally enjoying coming into work each day.


Anonymous said...


Nice. Once you figure out how to upload videos, you will be unstoppable!

Love the show,
~Craig on 249

Anonymous said...

Am I first comment ever on your blog? If so, I'm honored.

Go Coogs.


Anonymous said...

You guys rock!!! Well prepared and very insightful. Is smack-talk welcomed on the show, oh great and poweful jedi master???

Chance said...

First. No I am just kidding. I was driving around today and I heard you on the radio. I didn't even realize you were in town. And by that I mean I see you all the time.

Keep postin son, I dig it.

King Of Sports said...

You are so money, son! Loving the blog and I cant wait to read more posts, son! See you around, probably at the office or something.

Anonymous said...

Good job dude. Funny stuff about the two unfortunate incidents upon your arrival back into town. Hilarious about the misspelling of your name. Keep up the great work on the airwaves and I look forward to more blogs.

Stephanie Stradley said...


Kolaches rock.

Nice to see your blog. Sorry about your uh Houston mishaps. Hope to see you again at the tailgates.


Anonymous said...

1560 rocks!!! Keep up the good work Seanie. It's great to hear you everyday instead of once a year! Welcome back to h-town. It's the kolaches that made you come back right? We have the best!!

_doug said...

You know I love the show, but ....seriously... Harris needs some new glasses. He's from the Rose-Rich area for cryin' out loud! Is that the preppy academic athlete look? Ahh....

BTW as the number 10 Kolache eating champion in the US....I assume that you have toured the Rosenberg/Richmond area?

Rock on Season Pendergraft! Rock on!


Gordo said...

Your blog is actually working? I hope a cyber bird doesn't accidentally fly into it and knock it off line. You and John are doing a great job bro! I love the show. I listen all the time. Thanks for making me laugh so much, your show has really helped me so much bro! Listening to the station does feel like being part of a family. Now that Lance is back, the sky is the limit for you guy's. You are going to change the Houston sports talk landscape, I'm just proud to get to be a small part of it. It's so cool to have a station now that is being run by such good people. Screw all those other phony A-holes, they will be exposed soon enough. I was laughing my ass off today, keep it going.
BTW, Kleenex called me today, they wanted to know if you and John would be interested in doing a commercial with Elvira and that QB from Hawaii, I think Masterlock is interested to.
Take care man.
Angel E forever.

Anonymous said... the blog...keep it up!

May you "Humble" the other stations and become the "Iron Shiek" icon of Houston Psuedo Sports Talk.

Tony on Maui said...

Seanny...Hawaii is cool...your drive time is my morning time and while I am usually cranking out calls to sell the Residential Suites at the Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua (did i just plug my gig?), I am glad to hear you doing what you love brother...see you soon.