Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Waiting Patiently for the Mug Shot

The woman to the left is Alycia Lane. She is best known for the following four things:

(1) She is an award winning newscaster in Philadelphia.

(2) She was once married to minor league baseball player Dino Calandriello, and actually discussed their failing marriage with him on the Dr. Phil Show. (Wow, people actually do that? Those aren't actors?)

(3) She struck up a friendship with NFL Network host Rich Eisen by peppering him with bikini-clad pictures of herself.

(4) A few days ago, she took exception to a slow moving, unmarked police car in front of the taxi she was riding in, so she did what any of us would do -- she got out and belted the female police officer driving the car across the face and called her a "dyke".

I post this story for three reasons:

(1) If any of you find her mug shot on line, I demand that you email it to me.

(2) If things don't work out in Philly on the heels of the cop-punching, I would like to extend an invitation to Alycia to ply her trade here in Houston. All of our female news anchors here in town are soft, likable, "family woman" types. We could use a monster heel to come in and crack some skulls. "GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!! ALYCIA LANE JUST HIT DOMINIQUE SACHSE WITH THAT STEEL CHAIR!!!"

(3) When I got into broadcasting, I wrote down a list of goals. "Receiving unsolicited bikini-clad photos from local news anchor" was not on that list. Until today.


TyMo said...

My God King!!! That's Shara Fryer's Music!!!

Anonymous said...

Here it is: http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_212120459.shtml