Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'd Hate To Be the Cop Who Had to Arrest Oak

Yesterday was Charles Oakley's birthday. It was also Stone Cold Steve Austin's birthday, so on our show the talk turned briefly into "Who would win between Oakley and Stone Cold?" After taking about 2.5 seconds to determine Oakley would squash Stone Cold with two punches, the talk turned to "Is there anyone out there who could take down Oak?" About fifteen minutes of debate turned up only one name, and that was General Zod who is a fictitious character.

Where am I going with all of this? Well, Oak was popped for DUI yesterday, perhaps celebrating his birthday a little too hard. The picture to the left is his mug shot. That is not the look of a man who is fearing legal bills and possible time behind bars. Not at all. In fact, this looks like a man who can't wait to relive the Sean Penn "sodas in pillow case" ambush in "Bad Boys" when he gets to his cell. The only difference is that instead of throttling two dimestore thugs, Oakley will throttle about fifty mass murderers and drug dealers, and instead of using a soda-filled pillow case he will be using his fists. I think the threat of Oak in prison dealing out his brand of justice is just what we need to reduce the crime rate. But maybe that's just me ....

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Gordo said...

Forget the drug dealers, I say just put Oak in a cell with a bunch of child molesters for a few days. Let him even order take out food if he wants to. His debt to society would be paid in full as far as I'm concerned. No fine, no probation.