Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Well, looks like I'll have to come home from vacation next week as planned. My lottery dreams were dashed tonight. That sucks, I really wanted to cash that $20M check and then tell John Granato what I really think of him. Dammit.

For those scoring at home, the winning numbers were 5-7-31-49-53 and Powerball was 14.

Now if you remember, I played the Houston special which was 5 (Bagwell), 7 (Biggio), 17 (Puma), 22 (Clyde), 45 (Rudy T) and Powerball was 34 (Hakeen-Earl-Ryan trifecta).

So if you're keeping track, the only Houston icons that came through in the clutch for me were Bagwell and Biggio, which is ironic on so many levels (Signed, the 1998 MLB Playoffs). Well, you know, when the Tennessee lottery beats you, you just have to tip your cap and come back and spend a dollar on this Saturday's drawing.

Hard to get too pissed about losing the Tennessee lottery. I'm pretty sure the owner of this lovely Tennessee spread didn't win either. I feel a little better about myself.

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TyMo said...

98 playoffs...This makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. mostly cry though.