Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stone Cold Bloggin', 2/17/08

It's that time of year! Early February .... South Florida ... smell of cut grass in the air .... anticipation of a new season, everyone starting over fresh ... pitchers and catchers arrive ... followed by their drug-pushing personal trainers who proceed to inject them in the ass with HGH and/or Winstrol, and then toss the evidence, err syringes in a beer can for the inevitable Congressional hearings five years from now. That's right! Baseball is back!!!

While we wait for the non-pitchers and catchers from the Mitchell Report to get to spring training, I have a few time wasters for those of you who have to work on this fine President's Day Monday. Here you go!

  • Maybe Rusty Hardin should've packed some heat when he went to Capitol Hill with Roger last week. [Yahoo Sports]
  • The 10 Greatest Old School sports video games [All Balls]
  • More geographical college football recruiting information than you ever cared to know. [Wizard of Odds]
  • Notre Dame is going to play UConn in football, but one person is not too happy with the agreement. [Hartford Courant]
  • Sean Williams has issues with LaMarcus Aldridge. [Awful Announcing]
  • The ghost of Owen Hart is alive and well and living in the rafters of Kemper Arena. [The Big Lead]
  • SI screwed up on the names of the Texans cheerleaders in the swimsuit issue. On behalf of Marisa and Larisa, I demand justice. [Texans Chick]

In honor of the recently released Chris Berman unplugged video series, how's about some videos of announcers screwing up? Shall we?

Jim Spanarkel has some strange well wishes for Seton Hall's Bobby Gonzalez ....

Dan Marino is a very intense individual. I wonder if privately he used to shout down Bob Costas and Nick Buoniconti behind the scenes on "Inside the NFL" like he used to shout down his receivers when they dropped the ball ...

It helps to keep an eye on the prodcuer to know when you're back on the air ...

Catching the ball with your hands apparently should set off all sorts of sirens on the Gay-dar ....

287 wins AND this video? Put Bert Blyleven in the Hall of Fame ... NOW!

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